Groviv® GroPod

The Groviv® GroPod was developed by a leading team of scientists and engineers and backed by Nu Skin (NYSE: NUS). Nu Skin’s visionary executives are motivated to supply sustainably produced, pure and traceable ingredients for their life-improving products.

Groviv GroPod
Groviv Controlled Environment Agriculture Wheatgrass

The AgTech Revolution

The Groviv® GroPod is the world’s most advanced automated CEA technology for large-scale commercial use.

Groviv® has development breakthroughs in robotics, grow-light controls and data-driven growing protocols.

The GroPod is the culmination of world-class science and proprietary technology to sustainably produce crops in a constantly changing environment.

Sustainable. Scalable. Automated.

Utilizing the latest technology, the Groviv® GroPod solves many of the problems facing agriculture. Here’s how one GroPod compares to traditional agriculture.



Annual gallons saved by GroPod – compared to farming an average of 75-100 acres



Tons of crop produced per year



GroPod foot print, compared to 75-100 acres of farmland



Herbicides & Pesticides Used



Savings in transportation

Patented Technology

Groviv has received or filed an extensive number of U.S. and International patents surrounding the GroPod. The pod is controlled by our proprietary operating system, Sowyer™ Operating System. Constant streams of data flow through Sowyer™ to control every aspect of the growing process.

Groviv Patented Technology
Groviv Patented Technology

Grow Recipes

The GroPod use the proprietary Sowyer™ operating system, which allows our team of botanists and nutritionists to apply new growing data to each new crop. and perfect individual seed recipes.

Groviv High Density Nutrient

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