Automated Controlled Environment Agriculture

Groviv Controlled Environment Agriculture

Superior Life-improving Products

Groviv grows pure, sustainable ingredients for personal-care and nutraceutical products. Our CEA growing systems combine world-class science and proprietary technology. This enables us to trace our products from seed-to-solution.


Groviv CEA systems keep the bad stuff out, like harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and contaminants, while maximizing all of the good nature has to offer.

We protect our crops from pests, weeds, and even air pollution, eliminating the need for pesticides and herbicides

Groviv Nu Skin Nutraceuticals


We take the mystery out of the origin, quality, and consistency of everything we grow. Groviv-grown ingredients can be traced back to the original plot of land that our seeds came from.

Every harvest is linked to scientific data, measuring quality, nutrient content, and purity.

Groviv Traceablility food safety


When we give a seed exactly what it needs, nothing more nothing less, we can minimize waste. We have learned to grow crops using significantly less water than traditional agriculture.

Growing on-demand and on-location helps us reduces transportation time and fuel, and also waste from spoilage.

Making better use of our limited resources is the only way to feed growing populations, while nourishing the planet we all call home.

Groviv sustainable farming

Stewards of the Earth

As stewards of our earth, we have a responsibility to protect and nurture the plants that nourish us. Our vision is to provide the science and technology to responsibly nourish the world.

Nurturing Nature

We are always looking to collaborate with like minded individuals, businesses, and organizations to do good in the world. Drop us a note if you’re interested!

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