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Nurturing Nature

Groviv is Nu Skin’s innovative initiative to grow and source ingredients through Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

We approach this quest through world-class science and proprietary technology. Our advanced software gives seeds the best environment possible to reach their full, nutritious potential.

The Future of Sustainable Farming

Automated Controlled Environment Agriculture

For years indoor farming has made it possible producing nutritious foods for growing global populations. Now, Groviv® is pioneering the next evolution of AgTech: Automated Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), using data and robotics to perfect and increase production.

Sustainable Farming

Why is Automated CEA Better?

Groviv® technology gives us control over every growing variable—from light frequency, water, nutrients, humidity, and temperature. We use significantly less water and land resources, with no harmful pesticides and herbicides.

Superior Quality in Everything We Grow

From Nutraceutical Ingredients…

Learn how Nu Skin is using ACEA technology to produce life-improving products.

Nu Skin + CEA

To Fresh Produce…

We can grow fresh, nutritious lettuce and leafy greens in close proximity to stores and consumers, reducing transportation time, cost, and waste.

And Beyond!

Groviv Salad Natural and Pure

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