Giving Seeds the perfect day

every day 

Gloria Stephens

Mother of Four

Every day I make the choice as a mother to nurture my family with the most nutritious food possible. Groviv helps me confidently create an environment of health and love for my children.

Non Profit Partner

Recovery Facilities

Helping children heal from their traumatic experiences and prepare to thrive in the world requires a great deal of care and nurturing. We use Groviv to help us nurture the children in our care and to help them learn to love nature and each other.



The products I provide to my customers are a representation of myself and the quality that I demand from everything I do. Groviv enables me to represent products that are in an elite quality category of their own.

Our mission is to responsibly nourish the world.

Leading the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

We combine automated growing systems, scientific research, and artificial intelligence software to give seeds the perfect day, every day.

Our scientists, botanists and nutritionists constantly analyze every stage in the growing process to determine the perfect conditions for everything from nutraceutical ingredients to animal forage.

We grow high-density nutrients in climate-controlled structures year-round, in nearly any environment.

We see a bright future for agriculture. One that’s sustainable…both financially and environmentally.

Pure. Traceable. Sustainable.

When we provide seeds with the best environment possible, they grow to their full, nutritious potential.

Groviv is committed to the highest standards of purity. Consumers can be confident that their ingredients are clean, pure, and safe when Nurtured with Groviv. Groviv will be debuted in nutraceuticals and personal care products in partnership with Nu Skin as part of their commitment to innovation.

Our Trusted Partners

Ingredients Nurtured with Groviv™ will be debuted in nutraceutical products in partnership with Nu Skin as part of their commitment to innovation.

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Controlled Environment Agriculture

Our Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology give seeds the perfect environment to produce pure, high-density nutrients in everything we grow..