What if we could give a seed the perfect day, everyday?

Gloria Stephens

Mother of Four

Every day I make the choice as a mother to nurture my family with the most nutritious food possible. Groviv helps me confidently create an environment of health and love for my children.

Non Profit Partner

Recovery Facilities

Helping children heal from their traumatic experiences and prepare to thrive in the world requires a great deal of care and nurturing. We use Groviv to help us nurture the children in our care and to help them learn to love nature and each other.



The products I provide to my customers are a representation of myself and the quality that I demand from everything I do. Groviv enables me to represent products that are in an elite quality category of their own.

Our Innovation

What does a
seed really need?


Our scientists have observed that the care seeds and plants need is similar to what humans (and many other life forms) need to grow healthy and happy – light, water, food (fertilizer), and shelter from harsh elements.

We’ve discovered that by creating the perfect conditions for seeds they are able to grow to their full potential. Perfectly nurtured plants grow faster and at a healthier quality than ever seen before.

Everything we do, engineer, research, and create is centered around giving a seed the perfect day every day.

It’s time to come clean about the plants we eat.


We are listeners. We are scientists, dreamers, and believers. We are also tireless observers of nature. The world we love desperately needs change. Groviv is the humane evolution of the industry and a return to the agrarian roots of farming. Our healthy seed and plant-centered growing process is unmatched in quality of each harvest while producing multiple yields per year.

Nature Is Our Lead Engineer

Coming soon: The Groviv Grow Solution. The world's most-advanced, plant-friendly, and environmentally sustainable indoor growing system


Groviv’s proprietary indoor growing system perfects every aspect of the environment a plant grows in, at each stage of its lifecycle. From seed to sprout to fruit, Groviv’s unique environmental recipes adjust the levels of light, temperature, nutrients, and water to nourish each plant with exactly what it needs, precisely when it needs it. With our technology, we grow flawlessly.

  • Protected Environment

    Our Grow Silo is its own completely selfcontained environment allowing us to protect plants from harmful insects, weeds, gasses, and radiation without the use of pesticides or herbicides.

  • LED Light Technology

    Different plants prefer different intensities and wavelengths of light to unlock their full potential. Our system gives the plant the best daylight of its life, every day.

  • Proprietary Nutrient Blends

    Our precision nutrient delivery system is catered to the specific dietary needs of each plant we grow. Groviv fertilizers are purified from all heavy metals and toxins, which otherwise could be absorbed by plants and later eaten by people and animals.


We’re reimagining growing from the ground up.


What we do today for the seeds and plants, tomorrow takes care of the animals, who then help the farmers, whose products later influence the minds and bodies of children. The implications are limitless. We believe in looking out for the Earth because what we nurture today feeds us tomorrow.

Growth Plan To A Better World

We’re reimagining growing from the ground up.


What we do today for seeds and plants, tomorrow feeds animals and livestock of farmers, whose products later make it to our tables and nourish the minds and bodies of our families. The connections are limitless. We believe in looking out for the Earth, because what we nurture today, feeds us tomorrow.

“This Grow System is going to launch a new era of quality and nutrition for people around the world.”

“All of our supply chain headaches virtually disappear thanks to Groviv’s technology.”

“Having this technology would allow me to accelerate my research 10x”

University Research Partner

“Groviv is already feeding children at one of our Human Trafficking Recovery Facilities 300 salads a month, and the excess produce is being sold to Marriot Hotel restaurants. The extra food and funding drastically improves the healing experience of our children.”

Nonprofit Partner

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